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The Chinese are developing a helicopter that looks like a flying saucer

The new experimental combat helicopter developed in China really looks like a flying saucer as seen in science fiction movies of the 50s and 60s. This aircraft, which the Global Times calls “Super Great White Shark,” could be ready for use next year. It also shows a photo of a scale prototype that was exhibited for several days at the fifth Chinese helicopter exhibition in Tianjin on October 10 last year.

The helicopter was to be 7.6 meters long and 2.85 meters wide and used for the upward thrust of a coaxial rotor with a diameter of 4.9 meters. Two turbojet engines would then be used for the forward thrust, which would allow a maximum speed of 450 mp/h, among other things.

The helicopter can accommodate up to two people, essentially two pilots, who would control a series of “oars” located under the rotor. With a maximum weight of 4000 pounds, this helicopter can fly at a speed of 16.5 m/s up to 6000 altitude meters.

As stated in the Global Times’ newsletter, this special helicopter was developed for the “future digital war”, and the futuristic design is probably just a “side effect” of the design.

Some other countries, notably the United States, have already experimented in the past with aircraft resembling a flying saucer, basically round, and never achieved a concrete result (but only many uncontrolled reports of UFOs).

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